Jessi Colter

Edge of Forever

Produced by Margo Price and mixed by Shooter Jennings, son of Jessi Colter and her late, longtime husband Waylon Jennings, Edge of Forever is an exalting culmination of the many touchstones that make up her storied and still-evolving career. Before recording the album, Colter wasn’t sure if she would ever make another one, but together with Price’s unbeatable live band, they laid down the whole thing over the course of several days in Nashville. Now, as her 13th studio LP and first since 2017’s Lenny Kaye-produced The Psalms, Edge of Forever brings the start of a bright new chapter, featuring ten tracks that span the past decade and far beyond. With songs that Colter first wrote during the outlaw era’s golden age, long-lost sheet music discovered in a briefcase, old favorites resurrected with timeless verve, scorching spirituals, honky-tonk hymns, and collaborations with her daughter, Jenni Eddy Jennings, the album further solidifies a legacy that needs no introduction.